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corporate vision:
Inspirational to become the most respected metal die-casting company
Our Mission:
Create wealth for customers
Realize dreams for employees
Dedicating value to society
Enterprise spirit:
Efficient (speed first, do it all)
Responsibility (dare to take no excuses, who is in charge)
Cooperation (unified thinking, unified slogan, unified action)
Win-win (win-win with customers and win-win with suppliers) He wins with the company and wins with the boss
Win-win with colleagues and win-win with subordinates)
Corporate slogan:
A group of people, a dream, go together!
Enterprise development philosophy:
Work together to create a better future, achieve harmonious development, and achieve dreams;
Employee growth philosophy:
With pressure, there is motivation;
Motivated, efficient;
Effective, there are benefits;
If you are effective, you can achieve your dreams;
Business philosophy:
Eliminate defective products, help customers enhance their value; defend their customers' interests with life
Corporate salary concept:
Where does the money come from, from our customers;
Where does the customer's money come from, created from our hardworking hands;
From where our money comes from, from our service, quality, and continuous innovation;
Quality policy:
Quality first, full participation, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction.
Environmental policy:
Low dust production, safe emissions, full participation, continuous improvement
Occupational Health and Safety Policy:
Safety first, prevention-oriented, people-oriented, continuous improvement
Social responsibility policy:
Comply with laws and regulations and other requirements from industry and customers;
Commitment to meet the social responsibility requirements of the industry;
New company and customer Code of Conduct and Responsibility