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Production process of photovoltaic shells

Shenzhen Jinyuanxing Metal Die Casting Products Co., Ltd
Shenzhen Jinyuanxing Metal Die Casting Products Co., Ltd
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2023/08/18 21:20
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The production process of photovoltaic shells usually includes the following steps:
1. Material preparation: Select suitable materials for shell production, common materials include aluminum alloy, stainless steel, etc. Materials need to go through processes such as cutting and processing to obtain the required size and shape.
2. Stamping forming: Place the cut material on a stamping machine and shape the material through a stamping mold. Stamping can achieve the desired shape and structure of the shell while improving production efficiency.
3. Bending welding: Bend the stamped shell to meet the design requirements for angle and shape. Then, the various parts of the shell are connected together using a welding process to ensure the stability and sealing of the shell.
4. Surface treatment: Surface treatment is carried out on the welded shell, common methods include spraying, anodizing, etc. These treatments can increase the corrosion resistance and aesthetics of the casing.
5. Assembly and testing: Assemble the produced shell with the photovoltaic module to ensure the sealing and stability between the shell and the photovoltaic module. At the same time, necessary inspections and tests are carried out to ensure that the casing meets relevant standards and requirements.
6. Packaging and Delivery: Package the assembled photovoltaic modules and conduct final quality inspection. Then, the finished product is labeled, packaged, and sold or transported from the factory.

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